On this opportunity, we are going to compare two amazing weapons from two different places: The Katana from Japan and the European Longsword.

Even though the time of fighting with swords are long gone, people are still fascinated with this kind of weapons. And this article will provide you with a pretty good comparison between them both.

Let’s see what it is all about!

The Katana: Reviewing It

First, we need to identify the most important advantages:

  • Ultra-fast
  • Powerful slashes

In terms of speed and fast attacks, the katana is a superior choice. It’s highly versatile, ultra-fast and powerful. It’s lethal from any point of view.

One of the most important factors in any sword is the cutting power.If a sword cannot cut, then who cares? And the Katana is well-known for having an outstanding cutting power.

Another important element is the thrusting factor.And the Katana shines here too, but we will see later that the Longsword is superior in this sense. Although, the Japanese double-handed sword does an excellent job here too.

And finally, the speed is another important element, and this is where the katana shines the brightest. Along with its outstanding cutting power and thrusting ability, this sword is truly lethal and there’s no doubt about why it’s so popular and why it was the preferred choice in those times.

The European Longsword: A Complete Review:

The katana is popular, but so is the European Longsword. We will review it by checking the same factors as with the katana.

This weapon is known for its outstanding performance in both attack and defense, hence it is a very versatile word. Moreover, you can use it from many angles with no problem at all.

Even though the katana is superior in terms of cutting power, the European Longsword is not far from that. It’s amazing cutting power made it a fiery and lethal weapon in those times.

A point where it shines and outperforms the katana is when we talk about the thrusting ability. This is one of the most important factors that made it so lethal and powerful.

Even though it’s not the fastest, it’s a pretty fast sword. But of course, it all depends on the swordsman as well. But yes, it’s a solid choice in terms of speed, but remember that that katana is faster.

The Final Verdict:

It’s harder than simply saying what sword is better than other. Because each one of them was developed for different purposes and different times.

That’s why it’s not very clever to compare them directly, but we can obtain a pretty good overview of the features and analysis we have shared with you.

That’s what we can conclude:

  • Katana: Best suited for fast, powerful and lethal attacks
  • European Longsword: Excellent for attack and defense along with an amazing thrusting ability

This is the final verdict. If you have any question or doubt, just let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible.