Taekwondo was developed in Korea, and the main aspect is mostly on kicking and punching. Taekwondo began to emerge rather late, in the middle of 20th century. In this martial art, there are elements from karate and Chinese martial arts, but also Korean martial art, like Taekkyeon, Subak, and Gwonbeop. This sport is a part of Olympic Games also.
Most martial arts practitioners start training because they want to learn the basics of self-defense. But few of them started because the weapons that are used in this sports. Many taekwondo schools offer weapons instruction, but you have to be in intermediate level to start this process. Few weapons are popularly used in taekwondo today, and they are nunchucks, bo-staff, and Eskrima sticks.


They are also called chuka sticks, karate sticks or chainsticks. This type of weapon comes from the Japanese island of Okinawa. Here, the two sticks are joined together with a piece of rope or chain. There are typically used one set at the time, but the true master of this skill can use two simultaneously. Nunchucks have a double purpose; handless can be used for blunt force striking and the chain can be used to disarm or immobilize attackers weapon. Practicing with nunchucks will give you hand speed and strength. Today, many modern nunchakus made from metal, fiberglass, wood or plastic. But be careful, because possession of this type of weapon is illegal in some countries, except if they are for professional use in martial arts schools. The exact historical origin of nunchaku is not known, but it was not so popular through history because at the time there were samurai swords and other more dangerous weapons. In modern time they became famous thanks to the actor Bruce Lee and his student Dan Inosanto.

Bo- Staff

The bo -staff is also a very important weapon in taekwondo training. It is made from tree wood or bamboo, which grown in Okinawa, Japan. It was used at first by karate fighters during feudal years several centuries ago. Movement of bo-staff is designed to resemble hand fighting, and bo- staff is treated as an extension of the hand. When you are holding them in front of the body horizontally, the right hand is placed on the staff facing away from the body, and the left hand is going toward the body. If you putt hand like this, you will be able to rotate and strike with power and accuracy.

Eskrima Sticks

Eskrima Sticks are similar to nunchucks, and there are two wooden sticks used to strike and defend from attack. The important difference is that they are not attached. Eskrima is a Philippine martial art that uses blade weapons, improvised weapons, knives for fighting, with the addition of the sticks. In the US this weapon is taught at karate, taekwondo, American Kenpo, and other but similar martial art classes. After you master knife and stick fighting you can move on to Eskrima sticks.