What are we going to review in this article? Here you have the principal points:

  1. What are the principal advantages of this sword?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. How well does it compare against other swords?

Ancient weapons keep fascinating the world because they are truly interesting and they come attached to amazing stories.

Let’s start with the article, so you can know a bit more about this legendary weapon.

The Advantages:

The katana is a sword which was made to kill fast and effectively.

It was developed for the martial environment of Japan in those old times, that’s why it’s very different to other swords like the European Longsword, Saif, Bamburgh Sword, Jian and many others.

Therefore, its advantages are principally a result of what the martial environment in Japan required. That’s the source of its principal advantages.

Speed: Faster than a Thunder

Japanese needed a fast sword, but something that went beyond the average fast. They needed something truly fast, and that’s why the katana is known for being superior in this sense.

Power: Speed and Lethality Coupled

Speed had to come along with power, and that’s why the Katana combines the best from both worlds, so the Japanese could deliver super-fast and highly lethal attacks with this sword.

Skill: Made for Amazing Swordmen

The opportunities and levels you can reach with this sword are amazing. Thanks to its ultra-fast speed and high power, you can master it in many ways and evolve continually.

That’s why the persons who used these swords were highly skilled because it provides plenty of room for improvement.

How Much Does It Cost?

First off, there are MANY fake katanas in the market, and you should know that because you can get easily scammed due to the low price they are sold for.

An original katana won’t cost less than $4,000 USD. It’s a bit steep, but that’s the real and original cost of these legendary swords.

But yes, that’s the average price, because they can go well beyond over $8,000 USD. But of course, this doesn’t prevent people from buying them.

So this is the answer. The prices start at $4,000 USD and can go beyond $8,000 USD. So, if you get offered a katana for $200 bucks, you can immediately tell it’s fake. They are expensive, but they are worth it.

A Brief Comparison:

Katana vs. European Longsword:

The advantages of the katana is that it is better suited for fast and lethal attacks, whereas the European Longsword is slower, yet it’s great for attack and defense alike, plus a high versatility to attack and defend from different angles.

Katana vs. Jian:

They are pretty similar, but the Jian is more delicate and comes with a better thrusting ability. On the other hand, the Katana is more durable.

Katana vs. Bamburgh:

The katana is obviously faster, but the Bamburgh is superior in terms of defense and for heavier and more powerful attacks.